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Smoked Goan Pork Chorizo (Whole)

Smoked Goan Pork Chorizo (Whole)

The Goan sausage or chorizo is a typical reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine from Goa. It is based on the chorizo sausage, introduced from Portugal and is made with pork and various other ingredients.
The chorizo is prepared starting with large chunks of boneless pork that are sliced or chopped and heavily salted. The chopped meat is allowed to dry in the sun for two to three days. Following this, a mixture of spices, ground hot chili peppers, vinegar, and cashew feni, a local liquor, is added. After filling into casings, the resulting sausages are again dried in the sun and smoked slowly.
It is usually served in a curry, boiled or fried with sliced onions, accompanied by white rice or goan bread.

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