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Our Story



It all started when Suma Machado, a homemaker with experience of many years in reputed 5 star hotels and institutional training, decided to embark on this exciting project.


Suma brainstormed with her husband Joseph, who himself is a professional hotelier, and both decided to utilize the business opportunities available - one of them being specialty homemade cuisine.   


Suma was very keen to further expand on her passionate and creative culinary skills from her very own home kitchen – skills she had imbibed from her Keralite mother and grandmother and from her Goan parents-in-law. Sound inputs and encouragement from her husband, who is also an avid food and beverage buff, established the groundwork required to initiate RELISH GOURMET PICKLES focusing mainly on exclusive and exotic Malabari and Goan non-vegetarian and vegetarian pickles. 


Moreover, having now settled in Goa, Suma found it very convenient to source authentic spices, fresh seafood and other raw material that are used for her various preparations directly from reputed vendors in Kerala and Goa.


The current focus of RELISH GOURMET PICKLES is on a distinct range of special non-vegetarian pickle varieties and a few exclusive vegetarian ones. Nevertheless, some more exotic vegetarian selections will be launched shortly. 


Your taste buds are sure to relish and savor this uniquely handcrafted homely experience.

Mantra And Values

  • Introducing a line of extraordinary gourmet products, some of which, have never been tried in pickle form before

  • Using only Halal Meats and cuts

  • Using the choicest raw material whether succulent parts of the chicken, tenderloin of meat, prized fresh seafood, or exotic vegetables in all preparations

  • Homemade and hand-prepared products using finest quality freshly sourced and individually handpicked natural ingredients thus ensuring excellent product standards.

  • Produced in small batches focusing on personal attention to quality, taste, and flavor

  • Standardized authentic recipes with all preparations being consistent and systemically controlled under strict hygienic conditions

  • Products devoid of any chemical preservatives, artificial flavoring, or coloring agents

  • The main ingredient in the pickles constitute a major chunk of the overall net weight in every package thus providing true enjoyment and value for money

Background image


Our logo binds us by the ‘circle of oil’ that encompasses our ethos and philosophy and exemplifies the major fundamentals we believe in:


    • By being humble and providing exceptional products with gracious, friendly and attentive service, which anticipates and exceeds our customer’s expectations.


    • By having well structured SOP’s and Operational Basics in place


    • By being Market Leaders

    • By providing Monetary Value to our Customers

    • By having a Multi Faceted Approach to all Situations

    • By working together as a Unified, Motivated and Inspired Team


    • Through effective Planning and Communication

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